Salsa Labs is the creator of the popular Salsa platform, an integrated, flexible, and affordable set of tools to organize and energize people. From fundraising to advocacy, CRM, communications, and event management, Salsa empowers thousands of nonprofits and campaigns of all sizes to achieve their online goals.

Organizations can create their own unique recipe for organizing by choosing from the dozens of available tools they provide as well as by plugging in dozens of other applications produced by 3rd parties in the Salsa Market. Part of Salsa's mission is to help its users become expert organizers and it provides a robust training and online community support program through Salsa Commons. Salsa's robust set of services are supporting thousands of user groups' relationships with over 50 million members, donors, activists, and all around the world.

Headquartered in Washington, D.C. with an office in Austin, Texas, and a worldwide network of developers and partners Salsa Labs builds the technical architecture used by nearly a dozen entities who serve different Salsa configurations to audiences with different


580 Sylvan Ave, Suite M-B, Naples, Florida 7632, United States