Development Resources, inc. (DRi) is a dynamic firm led by experienced and results-oriented professionals who have over 30 years experience working with non-profit organizations. Our goal is to help each client find the right people, build the right organizations and ensure their sustainability. DRi specializes in working with international non-profit organizations and provides a broad range of services. We help organizations meet challenges that require increased resources, a strategic vision and strong staff and Board leadership.

DRi has built and run successful non-profit organizations, so we understand the environment in which you operate. We make sure we understand our clients, their organization, the culture and the community and deliver solutions specifically designed to meet their needs.

DRi provides a range of services to non-profit organizations which includes:
Executive Search
Board/Executive Development
Strategic Planning
Fundraising Audits
Feasibility Studies

Executive Search
DRis search practice can help staff your organization with the best in the industry. Our leadership has worked with the smallest and the largest and most successful non-profits. From our 30 years of experience working with NGOs, and through our extensive network of national and international contacts, we can link you with
the best person to meet your needs. We evaluate each candidate based on our personal knowledge of what it takes to be a successful non-profit leader.

Governance and Management
The roles and responsibilities of Board members are changing. An organization that does not periodically review governance is endangering its very future. There are two approaches to consider in todays volatile environment. Organizations need to carefully consider how they recruit and train the right Board of Directors. Organizations must also help Board members improve their individual performance through better information, an objective view of how their organization operates and the right questions to ask the staff.

Strategic Planning
Strategic planning is a vital process in the lifespan of any organization. Planning offers a disciplined effort to make decisions which will guide your work for years to come, enabling you to respond to an ever-changing environment. The process will provide a platform for a robust discussion around the goals, strategies, objectives and tactics that are necessary to advance your mission. DRi has used its participatory and focused approach to create actionable strategic plans for organizations large and small. We can help you answer the most important questions. Where are we now? Where do we want to go? How will we get there? What will success look like?

Long-Term Visioning and Philanthropic Strategies
DRi has navigated this landscape for organizations large and small. If your organization is a grantor, DRi can help you define your culture and your philanthropic goals to reflect your values and will achieve results for your intended beneficiaries. We can then put you in touch with the right philanthropic match. Likewise, if you seek outside support for your organization, we can help you align your Board, your structure and your communications so that you show the proper face to the external world to achieve the success you envision.

Resource Development Planning
How are you going to define your mission and what will be your message? Which fundraising techniques are appropriate to your goals and what timing will bring them off to best effect? Most importantly, how will your efforts differentiate themselves from so many others? DRi has pioneered outreach strategies that perform. We have instituted Internet marketing where none had been tried before and aligned communications with vision and mission in novel ways that cause leaps in giving. We pride ourselves not just on providing counsel to help an organization take stock but also how the world sees its value.

Operational Capacity-Building
DRi has helped institutions large and small do that. Through keen analysis of the organizations life cycle, the external support available and potentially available, we can help you avoid mistakes in structure and in hiring that can
threaten the future. Especially for fast-growing organizations that are striving to keep up with expanding opportunities, these mistakes can be crucial pitfalls.


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