With more than 30 years of direct fund raising experience, Mr. Macnab is the developer of nationally recognized annual giving, direct mail and planned giving programs. He has presented fund raising training seminars and provided general fund raising counsel, capital campaign, and planned and major gift support to clients throughout the nation.

For more than three decades, Mr. Macnab has provided ongoing, project and capital/endowment/major gift campaign counsel to associations, schools, hospitals and social services agencies and has worked successfully with scores of volunteers, executive leaders, administrators, development professionals and philanthropists, building a solid record of verifiable achievement.

Mr. Macnab is comfortable in a variety of roles including that of teacher, student, coach, mentor, colleague and friend. He takes great personal satisfaction from helping others find ways to build their dreams.

To do so he has had to learn (and is skilled and experienced at helping others learn) the difference between fundraising and philanthropy.


900 Franklin Street, Suite 604B, Chicago, Illinois 60610, United States